Mure-Town and Aji-Town are located in Eastern of Takamatsu-City, Kagawa Prefecture. Aji stone is quarried from Mt.Yakuri-Goken which straddles the boundary of that two towns.
In the latter half of the Heian period(around thousand years ago), Aji stone was already used as a building material, and full-scale quarrying was done when Takamatsu Castle was built in 1588.

It is said that the stone industry in Mure-town and Aji-town developed around 1814 when Yashima Toshogu(shrine) was built, and the history of the production area is more than 400 years.

Aji stone is a type of granite, but among them, the crystals of its constituents are very fine and have strong bonds, and it is characterized by its hardness equivalent to that of quartz and its resistance to weathering. It is also called "blue granite" because it contains the biotite in a bluish tint.
Since high technology is required to handle this rare material, there are highly skilled craftsmen in all processes from quarrying to processing in the Aji stone production area.

It is said that human beings were born 300 thousand years ago, but Aji stone was formed 80 to 90 million years ago, and appeared on the surface of the earth 20 million years ago.
Aji stone - These craftsmen face every day, and what we have now in our hands can be called the mother earth that has existed long before the birth of humankind.


蒼島について / About AOISHIMA

AOISHIMA Inc. is a company which is established by Aji stone craftsman Chikara Ninomiya with the support and cooperation of many people in the Aji stone production area. While facing the challenges of the Aji stone production areas, we will conti nue to challenge every day to convey the charm of Aji stone and its production areas to many people both inside and outside Japan. And we hope to pass on the historic industry to future generations. "Thinking about the future of the production area. " We believe that must be done b y ourselves who have benefited from this land.

代表取締役 二宮力
株式会社 蒼島 代表取締役 二宮 力
AOISHIMA Inc. CEO Chikara Ninomiya

事業について / About business

We are developing various businesses related to the Aji stone and its production area.
Please feel free to contact us.


    We operate a brand based on the concept of "Aji stone products that are close to our daily lives."


  • 企画展への出展Exhibiting at exhibitions

    We hold and join pop-up stores and special exhibitions for prod ucts using Aji stone, including AJI PROJECT.

  • オリジナル・オーダー制作Produce original product

    We can take order of original production by using Aji stone according to various requests such as products to be sold or exhibits.

  • インテリア・エクステリアの施工Interior / exterior construction

    We can take order of consultations and construction for interio r and exterior of facilities and houses by using Aji stone.

  • 直営店の運営Managing official store

    As a place to propose a lifestyle with Aji stone, we operate a showroom that displays AJI PROJECT and other Aji stone products.

  • 産地PRPromoting Aji stone production area

    Through tours and workshops in production area and factories, and industry-academia-government collaboration, etc., we are making efforts to get to know the production areas better.

会社概要 / Company Profile

株式会社 蒼島
761-0121 香川県高松市牟礼町牟礼3195-1
二宮 力
2021年5月(令和3年)AJI PROJECT の運営を引継ぐ

Company Name : AOISHIMA Inc.
Office Lacation : [zip code] 761-0121
3195-1 Murecho Mure, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Pref.
Phone : (+81) 87-814-3890
Established in March 31, 2021
CEO : Chikara Ninomiya


Mar 2021 : Established
May 2021 : Took over the management of AJI PROJECT

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Artwork by Ayame Ono
Photo by Kenji Kagawa